Building Better Listening Skills
Next to speaking, listening is the most important skill a business professional can possess. If you're the typical professional, it can be your most frequently used form of communication. If you're an executive or manager, it's your critical leadership skill. If you're in sales, it's your pivotal selling skill. If you're a customer service representative, you can't be effective without it. Above all, it's a learned skill. Those who continue to use the tools and techniques become effective listeners. This highly interactive workshop is designed to heighten participants’ consciousness about the essential elements of listening and to provide a better understanding of the complex, dynamic process. Better skills are gained through practicing a variety of job-related listening exercises.

A Model Day Program Outline

  • Overview and Basic Introduction
  • Quiz
  • Types of Listening
  • Goal Setting
  • Consciousness, Awareness, and Skill Building Practice Sessions
  • Discrimination Skills
  • Comprehensive Skills
  • Appreciative Skills
  • Reflective Skills
  • Critical/Analytical Skills
  • Program Summary and Wrap-up
Participants receive extensive training manuals, a list of recommended reading material, and session videotapes for further review. Practice exercises can be customized and videotaped to provide relevant analysis of participants in the listening process.

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