Communicate for Success
A Professional Development Program

The skills required for effective professional communication can be learned. Yet some individuals are preventing themselves from the fast-track, promotions, and rewarding work experiences because of inappropriate, unprofessional styles. Usually, these styles are unconsciously expressed and don't fit a desirable organizational image or help people on the receiving end to feel comfortable or good about themselves. The tragedy is that those in need of image revision aren't aware of or are oblivious to their impact on others. Moreover, they may not know how to overhaul, reshape, or polish their style.

That’s where this workshop works! In small group or as intensive one-on-one sessions, this program explores interaction issues that are critical to success and helps participants revamp their communication styles. Programs are custom-designed and can include any of the following:

The Communication Process

  • Consciousness in Communication
  • Functional and Dysfunctional Styles
  • Demonstrating Effective Listening to Others
  • The Power Process in Interaction
    Control Maneuvers that Don't Work
  • Providing Productive Feedback and Criticism
  • Assertive Instead of Passive or Aggressive
  • Defensive and Non-defensive Communication
  • Effective Conflict Management
  • Facilitating Meetings
  • Leadership Styles
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills
    Personality Profile
    Communication Connections
    Getting Along Well with Others
    Helping Others to Feel Comfortable
    What Attracts/Repels Others
    What Upsets People about Other’s Interaction Strategies/Tactics

Practice for Success

  • Breaking through Barriers that Hold People Back
  • Presenting a Polished Business Image
  • Effective Vocal and Body Language Cues
    Looking and Sounding Attractive
  • Speaking Styles
    Enunciation and Grammar
  • Presentation Skills
    Being Clear and Getting to the Point
    Building Personal/Professional Credibility
    Organizing Information
    Logical and Illogical Reasoning Strategies
  • Organizational ImagePresentation Style
    Defining a Professional Wardrobe
  • Powerful versus Powerless Communication
  • Dining Skills Protocol of Formal Dinners
    and Business Lunches
  • Personal Risk-taking, Growth, and Gain
  • Learning Contracts and Action Plans
  • Evaluating Progress
Participants receive a customized training manual, tips sheets and a list of recommended reading material. Also, they can be video-taped, analyzed and participate in self-analysis during the session. Additional follow-up sessions can be scheduled. All programs are designed to meet participant and organizational needs and objectives.

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