Effective Presentation Skills
A great idea, a new concept, or every day business persuasion can be ignored or passed over if not effectively presented. In today's fast, competitive environment success usually comes to those who can deliver their ideas in a clear, organized, and confident manner. The skills needed to present information or persuade others is a learned activity.This program focuses on the critical components of effective presentations — a clean, clear formal structure, solid evidence, and dynamic interactive delivery elements. It's designed to get participants implementing the techniques of commanding audience-centered presentations.

A Day-and-a-Half Program Outline — Limited to 10 per Session

  • Delivery Skills
  • Tips for Handling Nervousness
  • Building Credibility
  • Tips for Effective Visual Cues
  • Tips for Effective Vocal Cues
  • Designing and Using Visual Aids
  • Multi-media Presentations
  • Preplanning the Presentation
  • Elements of the Introduction and Conclusion
  • Supporting a Point
  • The Presentation
  • Goal Setting for the Presentation
  • Audience Analysis
  • Informative Formats
  • Format for Handling the Q & A
  • Project:
    Participants design, develop and deliver an Informative Presentation of a Product, Project, Proposal (videotaped and analyzed)
  • Persuasive Appeals
  • Persuasive Formats
  • Project:
    Participants design, develop and deliver a Persuasive Presentation (videotaped and analyzed)
  • Program Summary and Wrap-up
During the workshop each participant develops, and delivers two presentations that were prepared prior to beginning the workshop, honed and clarified in the workshop exercises, or uses the impromptu structure. Each is videotaped and given supportive feedback. Each participant receives a training manual, tools and suggestions for enhancing presentation skills. Presentation organization, content, supporting evidence, clarity, and delivery techniques will be analyzed by the presenter, the participants, and the program leader.

Workshops can be custom-designed to meet your organizational needs and goals. An optional follow-up day can be scheduled after the conclusion of the program for individuals who want to continue to practice and measure the results of training.

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