Executive Speaking Skills
History has repeatedly demonstrated the power of effective speech. In the business arena, successful executives have used this power to share visions, sell ideas, lead, inspire, and motivate others. It looks easy and natural for them. Yet most will readily admit that the skills they possess were learned. And what they learned was how to clearly organize their ideas, use realistic and sensible supporting evidence, and then deliver the message in an enthusiastic, convincing manner. Executive Speaking Skills incorporates these strategies and supplies tools and techniques, both time-proven and innovative, to achieve results through several approaches.

One-on-one Coaching
By using individualized expert attention, specific instruction and focused feedback, the message strategy is charted, delivery becomes fluent and dynamic, visual aids are more focused thus adding clarity and impact to the message. Since leadership image appears to be consistently and directly related to an executive’s speaking skills, special attention is given to message design, development, and delivery. The objective is to insure a powerful, memorable, and inspirational presentation.

Video Analysis and Assessment
In addition, video analysis is a highly effective and integral method in helping executives develop a more commanding style. By using video analysis, each has an opportunity to clearly see and hear himself/herself in concert with an expert. This approach enables a productive and revealing analysis of the speaker and the process. As a result, additional information on delivery strategies and techniques can be effectively incorporated into future experiences. Best of all, video analysis can be used during the preparation, the rehearsal, and as an analytical tool after delivery.

Script writing
Some executives prefer to design and develop their own speaking scripts, yet some don't have the time. Here's where a professional speech writer can interview him/her, take their ideas and information, and structure the script with a variety of supporting materials, recommend appropriate visual aids, and develop a strong and memorable message for the executive.

Post Program
Participants can receive custom training manuals, a list of recommended reading material, and session videotapes for further review as well as on-site videotaping of the actual speech and post speech analysis.

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