Meeting Leading and Group Dynamics
Facilitation Skills
Current trends and adult learning preferences suggest that it's not enough to be skilled in presenting a one-way flow of information. Participants want and need to be involved in the dynamics of the meeting process. Unfortunately, successful presenters are not always effective as meeting leaders (facilitators). That’s because meeting leading (facilitation) is a higher order skill that presenters need to master above and beyond presentation skills. This workshop focuses on providing participants with tools and techniques for developing and executing audience-centered, interactive meeting facilitation skills.

A Day-and-a-Half Program Outline

  • Communication Essentials
  • Types of Meeting Purposes
  • Meeting Formats Exercise
  • Reasons Meetings Succeed/Fail
  • Definition of Leader-Facilitator
  • From Presenting to Facilitating
  • Techniques for Planning/Leading Meetings
  • What Skilled Facilitators Do
  • Content versus Process Exercise
  • Techniques for Leading the Group Process
  • Verbal and Nonverbal Techniques
  • The Meeting Environment
  • Facilitating One-on-One Meetings
  • Constructive Conflict Resolution
  • Types of Conflict Exercise
  • Conflict Management Style Profile
  • Dynamics of the Meeting Process
  • Mutual Interdependence
  • Leader and Participants Roles
  • Managing Problem Participants
  • Steps to Avoid Groupthink
  • Facilitation Format
  • Project:
    Participants diagnose, plan, design, develop, and facilitate an abbreviated meeting (videotaped).
  • Program Summary
Prior to workshop participants will select a job related assignment. At several intervals, participants will work in round-table groups practicing skills development. Each participant will facilitate an abbreviated meeting and provide and receive analytical feedback from all participants. Videotaping and analysis is recommended. Each will receive a binder with tip sheets for enhancing their overall facilitation style and skills. An optional follow-up 1/2 day can be scheduled after the conclusion of the program for individuals who want to continue improving after training.

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