Nadine Pellegrino Executive Communications

 For over twenty years Nadine Pellegrino
has been designing and delivering customized oral communications skills and executive programs for major corporations, healthcare, governmental, and educational organizations such as:
McGraw-Hill, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Philadelphia Community College, Graphics of the Americas, Novartis, Social Security Administration, Resorts Hotel and Casino, General Services Administration, Martin Marietta, Philadelphia Corporation for Aging, Holiday Inn, US Army, Xerox, and Fuji-Xerox.

These programs, specifically tailored to her client's needs, are more than useful tools, techniques, and information. They're geared to improve her client's performance. Since interpersonal communications skills are key elements in motivating individuals or groups, her client's improvements contribute significantly to their business effectiveness and success.

Nadine holds an M.A. in Rhetoric and Speech Communication from Temple University and has taught speech communication courses for the College of New Jersey and Penn State for 15 years.


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