Telephone and Customer Service Skills
Whether its sales support, handling complaints, answering inquiries or providing routine information, customer service reps. leave lasting impressions. Impressions that not only define your service image,but also determine whether customers return or take their business elsewhere. The voices of your CSRs tell your customers how much or how little they count and says everything about the quality of your team and policies. So it’s good business sense to put your organization’s best voice forward.

This workshop is specifically designed to help anyone who answers your organization’s phones put their best customer service skills forward, to manage incoming calls positively and efficiently, to interact helpfully and respectfully with inquisitive, irate, complaining, stress inducing, and abusive callers. The workshop is also designed to increase proficiency in managing customer calls, help satisfy customer concerns, resolve customer problems, and build a strong base of customer service satisfaction through structured learning experiences.

A Model Two Day Program Outline

Cornerstones of Effective Customer Service Communication
E veryone’s a Customer—Definition of Effective Customer Service

Steps for Improvement
  • Dimensions of Communication--Building a Relationship
  • How to Confirm and Disconfirm Callers
  • Managing Politeness and Callers Face Concerns
  • Conveying a Profesional Service Image
  • Building Credibility with Your Customers
  • Don’t Put the Caller on the Defensive
  • Managing Cultural and Temperament Diversity in Communication
  • Tips on Telephone Etiquette
  • Vocal Elements of Telephone Communication (70% of the Meaning)
  • Five Types of Listening Skills
  • Letting the Customer Know You Hear Their Concerns/Problems and Want to Help
  • Setting up an Efficient System
  • Asking and Answering Questions Effectively
  • Referring or Transferring Calls
  • Managing Stressful, Difficult, Irate Calls
  • Managing Long Winded Callers
  • Managing Complaint Calls
  • Managing Abusive Callers
  • Summarizing and Closing the Call
  • Following Up when Required (Exercises can be videotaped to provide relevant analysis of participants in the process of customer service communication)

Individualized Program

Debriefing session
Expert will meet one-on-one with each (or designated) participant to identify strengths and offer suggestions for reducing stress, improving call efficiency, managing difficult, stressful challenging callers, summarizing and closing the call. Sessions can be videotaped.  Entire workshop group meets to share experiences, ideas, success stories, identify skills that are working well, and what areas may need more attention. 

Participants receive custom training manuals and tips sheets, a list of recommended reading material, and session videotapes for further review.
This program can be customized to meet corporate and participant needs and can be delivered in modules.

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